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1) Pellets stove

Pellet stoves are 21st century wood burning 
stoves- turningon and off at the flickof a switch, totally programmable and thermostatically controlled operation.pellets to create a source of heat and to warm houses in harsh winter. Also, you don’t have to put any wood on the fire as pellet stoves run automatically and supply the pellet fuel for the stove according the heat needed into a location. The pellet stoves run by a clever electronic system and connected to a thermostat, to provide comfort for users.

2) Briquettes stove 

A briquette stove is one of the most flexible and economical wood heating option. Briquettes wood stoves can also be slightly less expensive than conventional wood fireplaces. Furthermore, advanced combustion wood stoves are more efficient than wood fireplaces and can provide a lot of heat, but often they only work efficiently when the fire burns at full throttle. They can reach temperature of 600°C; hot enough to burn combustible gases.

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