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The ministry of energy announced a bid for 800 poles PV street lighting to be distributed for the municipalities all over Lebanon.

SOLANET won the bid and executed the project with high quality products according to the requested specifications. Products supplied and installed by SOLARNET for this project are high quality with CE and ISO certifications. Each PV pole for street lighting can supply lighting for street lighting with an autonomy of 2 days without sun and 12 hours daily running consists of the following:

  1.       * 2 x 100 PV panels mono crystalline.
  2.       * Led lamp 70 W, 24 VDC, with more than 7000 lumens at 6 meters height.
  3.       * Dimmable driver
  4.       * Charge controller 24 V, 20A.
  5.       * 2 x batteries, 160 Ah / 12 V each.
  6.       * Pole 8 meters length, galvanized, 30 cm at base and 15 cm at top, 4 mm thickness.


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