Written by admin on March 6, 2017 in News

Further to the Lebanese government decision No. 59-10, March 2010, you can now profit from Solar Heater Loan with 0% interet rate up to 5 years loan period.

Loan advantages:

  1. * No down payment required,
  2. * $200* subsidy will be offered by the Ministry of Energy and Water if the solar heater is approved by the Lebanese Center for Energy Conservation (L.C.E.C.).


Applicant’s eligibility criteria:

  1. * Nationality: Lebanese,
  2. * Age: 21 – 64 (at loan submission),
  3. * Occupation: the applicant should be:
    • an employee with a steady job and income for more than 18 months,
    • a self-employed with a minimum 3-year work experience in the same field.
  4. * Minimum required monthly income:
    • LBP 1,200,000 or the counter value for employees,
    • LBP 2,500,000 or the counter value for self-employed.
  5. * Monthly payments: maximum 33% of the monthly income for employees and self-employed.
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